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Sphynx-in-London is a small hobby cattery located in north-west London. All Sphynx kittens are registered with Governing Council of Cats Fancy (GCCF) and The International Cat Association (TICA).

As a hobby breeder our aim it to produce strong, healthy, happy Sphynx kittens of excellent quality and type with superb conformation and temperaments.
We were looking for a pet and as a dog wasn’t an option. A friend introduced us this wonderful breed of Canadian Sphynx Cats. As my sister has an allergy to cat’s hair that seems as a perfect breed. After a year of waiting, Fantastica (Fanta) with her beautiful blue eyes finally arrived. We then wanted to find her company and we were lucky to find Izzy( Gacek) in less than a year.

As a hobby breeder, our Sphynx cats and kittens live home in London with us and are free to wander and sleep wherever they like (often ending up in our bed). They are part of the family and we love dearly. Kittens are well socialised with other Sphynx cats before they are ready to leave home. 
We belong to the Sphynx Cat Association, Sphynx Cat Club and London Cat Club. Our cats at Sphynx-in-London are imported and carry excellent bloodlines from Europe. They are tested for HCM prior to breeding and yearly for FIV/FELV/HCM/FCV.

As many cat breeders, we attend regularly to cat shows around the country as it is a great opportunity to keeping abreast of Sphynx related issues. Fanta currently holds a Grand Champion title from the March 2015 London Cat show and Gacek currently holds the Champion title from the Cambria Cat Club show in June 2015.

Our sphinx are an absolute dream to own and show, but above all they are members of our family and we love them very much.
We would like to thank Gina Rymer and Donna Cawley for introducing us to the Sphynx family 

Sphynx kittens in London

All the kittens are spray/neutered before leaving home and come fully vaccinated and micro-chipped, GCCF Registered with a 5 Generation Pedigree. Proof of scanning is available when requested. All our Cats are fed on Natural Instinct Raw food and Royal Canin. We can personally deliver each kitten to their new home. Anyone is welcome to come and visit us at home to meet my family and see where my babies are born and raised.

Please contact us on Anna@Sphynx-kittens.com.


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